Renee Claycomb

Meet Renee

I have been a fitness enthusiast my entire life. My yoga journey began after surviving cancer for a second time. Chemotherapy and radiation ravaged my body, leaving no muscle tone or stamina. I had no strength for fitness classes so I started taking gentle yoga classes. With each class I attended, I noticed physical improvements including increased strength. But the transformation didn’t stop there. Through the integrated mind, body, spirit practice of yoga, I began to experience new-found peace, and the ability to handle stress more thoughtfully. It is this experience that led me to become a yoga teacher. I am passionate about teaching yoga! I lead students through gentle dynamic sequencing and alignment-oriented poses, never teaching the same class twice. In addition to Gentle Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Classes, I have taught Silver Sneakers Chair Yoga, Kids Yoga, Beginner Yoga Workshops and special event yoga classes. I am blessed in my personal yoga journey and believe it is a privilege to share the beautiful practice of yoga with others.

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