Prithvi (Earth): A Series on Each of the Ayurvedic Principles

Prithvi (Earth): A Series on Each of the Ayurvedic Principles

Ayurveda is a practice that has been around for centuries and is becoming increasingly popular for those looking to achieve balance and well-being in their lives. In part one of our series on Ayurvedic principles, we focused on Vayu (or air), in part two, we discussed Akasha (meaning space or ether), and in part three, we talked about jala (or water). In today’s post from True Nature Wellness in Sandusky, we’re turning our attention to Prithvi, or earth. Keep reading to learn how Prithvi relates to the principles of Ayurveda and how to incorporate them into your life.


The Sanskrit Word for Earth

The element of earth is "prithvi" in Sanskrit, and is the fifth element out of the five great elements (pancha mahabhutus). It's placed fifth as it originates out of each of the other four elements, which contain the essence of these elements within it. In essence, the earth element embodies the essential components of ether, air, fire, and water.


Prithvi Is Connected to the Sense of Smell

Gandha tanmatra is the fundamental source of the sense of smell, and is an essential part of the emergence of the earth element. This initial energy originates from the causal body, creating the potential for us to experience smell in our subtle and physical bodies.


The Importance of the Earth Element in Our Diet

Eating food is one of the primary ways that the earth element enters the body. Grains, nuts, legumes, and meats contain the highest concentrations of this element, while dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and spices contain moderate to small amounts.


The Consequences of Earth Element Deficiency

The earth element is essential for the body's wellness as it is necessary to build and maintain strong tissues. Deficiencies in this element lead to weakened bones, reduced muscle mass, and a decrease in body fat. In addition, the person may not be able to regulate their body temperature as efficiently, leading to feelings of coldness.

At True Nature Wellness, we understand the importance of Prithvi and provide holistic approaches to wellness that can help bring balance and health into our lives. Our Sandusky yoga studio offers yoga classes, workshops, and nutrition counseling designed to help you love yourself, find your space, and grow. To learn more about Ayurveda or join one of our classes, visit our studio and be welcomed into a place of healing and growth.

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