Food Is Medicine for Your Body

Food Is Medicine for Your Body

An apple a day does keep the doctor away, though you should still go for routine checkups! Your diet plays a vital role in daily and long-term health. With many dietary supplements and drug prescriptions that advertise better health, another less expensive and proven option is simply adjusting what you eat each day. True Nature Wellness is here to talk about good food as the miracle medicine your body is looking for each day. Check out our nutrition information today!

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What You Put Into Your Body Impacts How You Feel

There is a mutual relationship between your stress levels and diet. As your diet declines in nutrition, your stress levels tend to increase. A survey report done by Everyday Health cites that almost one-third of the respondents have recently visited the doctor due to something stress-related. This unhealthy lifestyle will continue to take over until something breaks the cycle. A change in diet from nutritional counseling is a significant first step towards developing other good habits while you begin to feel better along the way.

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Part of the Four Pillars of Health

Food is the first pillar in the “science of longevity” known as Ayurveda. By adjusting your focus on eating fresh seasonal foods, your body will begin to increase in doshas of energy. The second pillar involves keeping your body balanced with disciplines such as yoga classes and daily meditation. The third is maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. The fourth is managing your energy that accumulates from the three previous pillars. You can start as early as today with your first step towards diet change.

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Good Tasting Options That You and Your Body Will Love

Break down what your body craves, and you will find a diverse set of healthier alternatives that can provide you with similar feelings and nutrition to boot. If it’s sweets that you can’t stay away from, try fruits with natural sugars like apples and berries. Finding foods with an excellent fat content like nuts can help alleviate the cravings for junk food that only provide fat with unhealthy additives your body does not consistently want.

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Life Lasting Effects

A nutritional diet will help keep your body healthy while avoiding incrementing medication costs that come from increased weight and stress problems. Even something as simple as increasing your daily Omega-3 levels from natural sources will make a difference in everyday health and mood.

True Nature Wellness strives to help you love yourself and grow with natural remedies and disciplines. Our nutritional and yoga classes in Sandusky are part of a health-boosting program to make you feel better each day. We’d love to hear from you; schedule your class today!

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