4 Ways To Become Holistically Well With True Nature Wellness

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4 Ways To Become Holistically Well With True Nature Wellness

The 4 Pillars of Health

When it comes to your overall health and wellness, taking a holistic approach is best. At True Nature Wellness in Sandusky, we follow the 4 pillars of health, in which our yoga classes are a part of just one of the pillars. Learn more about the 4 ways to become holistically well with the help of TNW.

Yoga class for health and wellness.


Regular exercise is a major part of getting into shape and maintaining your physical fitness. While physical wellness is only one part of holistic health, it is often considered to be the most important. Ensuring that you get enough exercise, or even just movement throughout the day, will be crucial if you truly want to become holistically well in terms of your mind, body, and soul — which is why yoga is the perfect movement exercise for this goal. Yoga is a calm, meditative movement that will help you get into the other three pillars of health in no time.

Learn more about the yoga classes offered at True Nature Wellness in Sandusky.

Woman on a healthy diet chopping fresh vegetables.


Your diet is one of the pillars of health — eating healthy foods every day will be important on your journey to holistic wellness. Ensuring that you have a well-balanced diet and that your food allergy and intolerance tests are up to date is important for you to heal holistically. If you are still guiltily sipping on those whole milk lattes while you have a dairy intolerance, maybe it’s time to redefine your thinking about what you put into your body in order to achieve holistic wellness — it’s hard for your mind to be considered ‘at peace’ if all you can think about is finding the nearest restroom because of an avoidable drink choice!

Waking up refreshed after a good sleep.


Whether it’s on purpose or out of our control, some of us tend to avoid a full night of sleep. In order to actually be holistically healed, it’s dire to get on a proper, regular sleeping schedule. Just as with the first two pillars, movement and diet, sleep will vary from person to person. Consider upgrading your bed linens, pillows, or mattress for a comfier place to lay down. Limit distractions in the bedroom, especially the last hour or two before bedtime, such as laptops, TVs, video games, tablets, and, yes, phones. Try keeping a sleep journal and write down how many hours you slept, how refreshed you felt in the morning, how long it took you to fall asleep, and more so that you can find your sweet spot.

Stressed woman meditating.


Yes, the stress in our lives is most likely out of our control, and that makes us even more stressed out. But, attempting to control your stress as much as possible will be the final step to unlocking complete holistic wellness. Stress shows signs emotionally and physically, so being able to control your emotions and de-stress will greatly help your mind, body, and soul feel at ease. Trying meditation, therapy, and more could help, but again, it will vary by person.

Begin Your Journey to Holistic Wellness

Movement is the first of four pillars of health and it is a great place to start as well. Signing up for yoga classes will be the perfect way to jumpstart your journey to complete holistic wellness. At True Nature Wellness, we have yoga classes for everyone — schedule today!